Products PetroEMS (Event System)

PetroEMS (Event System)

The Petronics Event Management system is not only managing events as well as venue and catering. It also allows your Clients e.g. Bridal, Groom, Business Individuals and etc. to view their progress and detail about event. It supports Quoting, Invoicing, Leads and Campaign Management to support and boos your sale. It helps you to easily execute flawless events while saving time and money.

Project Details

  • Live demo: On Request
  • Target Industry: Event Management Industry
  • Supported Platforms: Web, Mobile, Tablet


Ensure accurate and timely service deliveries with accommodate and manage all inventory by defining unlimited resources and resource categories.
Create invoices and track associated deposits, payments, and adjustments. Quickly retrieve invoices and payments using the transactions browser. Post billing transaction reports directly into your accounting system.
Our System offer more than 25 built-in reports covering sales, billing, resources, attendees, and production as well as give your operations crew the information they need with daily setup worksheets.
Follow-up on your Leads and convert them to a SALE as well as keep eye on your sales people’s activity. Run a large email marketing campaign to generate more business for your event management company. Bird-side view of your upcoming, in progress business stages.
The Petronics Event Management System is really fast and easy to integration.

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